Support our ongoing efforts to improve life at KAASO.

There is an extensive priority list at KAASO, with projects ranging from major construction, to planting income-generating eucalyptus forests, right down to individual books and desks. To learn more about the latest priorities at KAASO, please contact us for further information. 

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KAASO also has an ongoing need for electronics, which are extremely expensive and are hard to come by in Uganda. We are always seeking secondhand laptops, USB sticks and external hard drives for the school library and computer lab as well as secondhand smartphones for the teaching staff. If you’re interested in donating these items or doing a fundraiser for them, please contact us


Volunteer Fundraising Highlights

KAASO has a very active network of volunteers who organise fundraisers for the school from around the world. See below a few of the volunteer fundraising highlights at KAASO:


2017 – Bermuda Water Project

The same amazing group that brought KAASO the school bus teamed together once more to fundraise for the Bermuda Water Project. Thanks to the Hamilton Rotary Club and RenaissanceRe, KAASO now have four 20,000 litre water tanks and guttering on all school buildings meaning that every precious drop of rain water is now collected.


2016 – School Bus

A school bus had been at the top of KAASO's priority list for over a decade. In 2016, volunteers organised a fundraiser in Bermuda which, together with the funds KAASO had raised from within the community, resulted in KAASO being able to purchase their long-awaited school bus. 



2015 – Community Piggery Projects

Volunteers matched donors from around the world with local families struggling to pay school fees, funding these families to set up income-generating piggeries. Today, the piggery beneficiaries are reaping the rewards, with almost all families now contributing towards their children's school fees at KAASO.




2014 – Solar Power Upgrade

KAASO has been powered by solar power since 2009 when volunteers fundraised to purchase and install solar panels and batteries at the school. In 2014, volunteers ran another major fundraiser to upgrade the system to cope with the school's expansion of new buildings and increased demand for power. 




2013 – Mark House

To cater for the school's growing population, volunteers fundraised to build a new dormitory. The dormitory was named Mark House in honour of Mark Blomfield, the project's major funder, who tragically died before construction had been completed. The school held a memorial service for Mark on the day of the dormitory's opening. 


2009 – Kiwi House

Up until 2009, the school library and computer lab was being used as a dormitory to accommodate the overflow of boarding students. Volunteers ran a major fundraiser to construct Kiwi House which enabled the library and computer lab to be vacated and used for their original purpose. Once the children had moved out, the library and computer lab were fully furnished thanks to a grant from the Rotary Club of East Coast Bays in New Zealand. 


Thank you for your support!